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Shamanic Healing

Masterclass for Individuals


This Masterclass programme is for those seeking to undergo deep personal transformational shifts to address deep underlying issues, develop new skills, qualities and leadership capabilities, and learn ancient techniques to enhance your own growth and maximise your potential for professional and personal needs.


In the programme you will work with Dawn Song directly and on a 1-1 basis, receiving in-depth attention at levels well beyond what is possible in group based training. This unique masterclass programme will give you direct access to Dawn Song and his expertise as a transformational teacher, facilitator, strategy coach, mentor, academic and healer.  

What does the programme include?

We will work together to create a bespoke plan that meets your specific needs.  In general, however, you will:

  1. Learn practical strategic skills: To create and enact a transformational plan to live life differently and on your own terms;

  2. Learn ancient shamanic techniques to go inwards: To overcome deeply seated personal barriers limiting success;

  3. Learn shamanic approaches for healing: To enhance your personal health and spiritual wellbeing;

  4. Receive healing directly from Dawn Song: To support your personal transformation;

  5. Receive high level strategic coaching and mentorship: To  empower you to take action and live life differently.

What are the benefits?

The outcomes are unique to the client and their programme, but the benefits often include:

  1. A new lease of life,  sense of peace, hope and energy;

  2. Clarity about your sense of purpose, direction, vision and how to get there;

  3. Enhanced ability and practical tools to bring your vision into being and transition to a new pattern in your life;

  4. Direct health benefits and energetic pattern shifts gained through healing;

  5. New inspirational shamanic skills you can use for the rest of your life to support your healing and change;

  6. A radically different view of your place in the world and increased awareness of how everything is connected;

  7. Ability to tap into the regenerative and magical power of nature;

  8. New relationships with sacred spirit guides to help you navigate your life's journey, career or profession;

  9. Enhanced professional potential, including ability to lead or work with challenging circumstances;

  10. The unlocking of personal hidden talents and gifts. 

How does the programme work?

  • The programme is delivered online through zoom*

  • One initial 1.5 hour session to create a bespoke programme to meet your needs;

  • 3 x 2 hour sessions per month, for a minimum of 3 months;

  • Homework set between sessions set to meet your preferred pace and the time you wish to commit to learning;

  • Access to Dawn Song - email and phone - for advice between sessions;  

  • Options to terminate the programme with one months notice.

Pricing: £1400 per month

While it is up to you how long you receive the training, and a plan will be created to meet the period of time you wish to commit to, clients typically find that 3-6 months is needed to generate the most benefit.

*Shamanic work operates in a quantum world where normal perceptions of time and place do not apply. The programme uses tried tested online approaches that are equally as effective in empowering clients and supporting healing as approaches that work face to face.   

Get in touch to discuss to discuss how a bespoke programme can work for you.

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