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Death, Dying and Beyond

Weekend course face to face: Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 5pm

Calendar of dates

Maximum 12 participants

Pricing: £150


Prerequisite: Introduction to shamanism, or equivalent

As a shamanic practitioner, there are three areas you may be involved in relating to death, dying and beyond. These are to help the dying, assist the dead in crossing over to the light, and helping to support surviving loved ones in their grieving process. Coming to terms with death, in order to step fully into life, is also an essential journey for a shamanic practitioner.  This course helps you to develop a better relationship with life through exploring its relationship to death and helps you learn how to better support others as they enter a new beginning. 

The course will cover: 

  • Introduction to death, dying and beyond

  • Supporting someone who is dying

  • Shamanic practice as a medium

  • Working with shamanic guides to support those who need to cross over

  • 'Pushing through of souls' ceremony


This is a stand alone course. Participants, however, need to have completed an 'Introduction to Shamanism' course (or equivalent) prior to taking a course on Death, Dying and Beyond.

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