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Online or face to face

Shamanic Healing & Professional Training

Reconnect with nature. Achieve deep shifts. Be inspired. Heal and grow.

There are two ways Shamanic Healing can help you.

Which is the best for you?


Learn ancient techniques to go inwards, reconnect with nature, and live life differently.   


 Shamanic healing & deep transformaiton for individuals.

Trees from above

What my clients say

 "The healing I received from Ioan was beautiful. His presence was very assuring. I felt held, safe and secure during the session. After the healing I felt peaceful and whole. I highly recommend Ioan."


Ioan Fazey portrait

About your trainer

Ioan Fazey - Dawn Song
GCert, PGCert, BSc, MSc, PhD

 I am a certified shamanic practitioner and teacher with over 20 years experience of working with different healing methods.


I will guide you on your healing and personal development journey.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient path of self-empowerment where Earth is honoured as a living conscious being. It provides methods for healing oneself and others and can help you feel more hopeful and inspired. 

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Crystals, Sage & Incense

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