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Shamanic Practitioner Training 

12 x Weekend gatherings (dates below)

Maximum 10 participants

Pricing: £2400 (can be paid in installments)


Prerequisite: Introduction to Shamanism Course, or equivalent

This one year course will train you in the ancient arts and skills of a shamanic practitioner and healer. Its core aims are to help you learn key healing practices and develop confidence in their application; learn how to reconnect with nature; and support your own personal transformation. You will be part of a small group that will develop and work collectively. The course is taught in experiential ways and you will be encouraged to undergo an in-depth personal inquiry. At the end of the course you will emerge as an independent practitioner. 

The course will cover:

  • Nature connection 

  • Extraction medicine

  • Soul Retrieval healing

  • Death, dying & beyond

  • Ceremony & ritual

  • Divination

  • Ancestral realms

  • Land healing

  • Garden of soul and shamanic counselling

The course fulfils the requirements to work as a shamanic practitioner and a certificate will be provided after completion. 


Dates of the trainings

  • 7-8th September, 2024

  • 9-10th November, 2024

  • 16-17th November, 2024

  • 11-12th January, 2025

  • 18-19th January, 2025

  • 1-2nd March, 2025

  • 8-9th March, 2025

  • 26-27th April, 2025

  • 3-4th May, 2025

  • 7-8th June, 2025

  • 14-15th June, 2025

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