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Extraction Medicine

Weekend course face to face: Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 5pm

Calendar of dates

Maximum 12 participants

Pricing: £150

Non residential

Prerequisite: Introduction to shamanism or similar

A common shamanic healing practice is extracting energetic intrusions. This work involves removing something that does not belong to a person or retieving something that wants to be with a person. This deep healing practice, which can be practiced on oneself or others, invovles working with shamanic guides in a sacred healing. The process can be powerful, helping you or a client heal and grow. 


The course will cover: 

  • Introduction to shamanic extraction work

  • Finding shamanic extraction healing guides

  • Learning to merge and work with your shamanic extraction healing guides

  • Removing energetic intrusions

  • Retrieving energy

  • Understanding integration


This is a stand alone course. Participants, however, need to have completed an 'Introduction to Shamanism' course (or equivalent) prior to taking an extraction medicine course.

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