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Shamanic training courses

Bird sillouttes

Reconnect with nature. Achieve deep shifts. Be inspired. Heal and grow.

Professional training.

Face to face & online.

What are the courses about? 


These courses will train you in shamanic practices, for healing and personal growth and development. You will be taught methods to help you connect more deeply with nature, restore spiritual power, and to heal yourself and others. After these courses, many participants say they feel more restored and inspired to heal and grow. The courses include: 

  • Introduction to shamanism

  • Extraction medicine

  • Soul retrieval

  • eath, dying and beyond


The courses are offered throughout the year at weekends face to face in the City of York, UK or online

Calendar of dates and course schedule

Maximum 12 participants per course. 

Who will be your guide?

Ioan Fazey - Dawn Song

GCert, PGCert, BSc, MSc, PhD

Ioan is a certified shamanic practitioner with over 20 years experience of working with different healing methods.

Ioan Fazey

"Ioan is the ‘real deal’  - a gifted healer and seer who gets to the heart of the matter.  Ioan facilitates a space of safety, care and professionalism, from which deep healing can take place.  His wealth of  expertise allows for a multi-layered approach to the healing services he offers. I highly recommend Ioan’s services,  whether it be for insight, guidance or deep transformation."



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