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Ancient wisdom for a transforming world

Shamanic Practitioner Training 2024-25

12 x Weekend gatherings (dates below)

Maximum 10 participants

Pricing: £2400 (to be paid in 4 x installments (On booking, January 2025, March 2025 and May 2025)

If you pay for the full training up front a 10% discount will be applied (total cost only £2,160)


Prerequisite: Introduction to Shamanism Course, or equivalent

This one year course will train you in the ancient arts and skills of a shamanic practitioner and healer. Its core aims are to help you learn key healing practices and develop confidence in their application; learn how to reconnect with nature; and support your own personal transformation. You will be part of a small group that will develop and work collectively. The course is taught in experiential ways and you will be encouraged to undergo an in-depth personal inquiry. At the end of the course you will emerge as an independent practitioner. 

This 12 month intensive shamanic practitioner training course will teach you a wide range of practical tools and approaches for personal healing, helping others, building deeper relationships with nature, and undergoing a journey of personal and spiritual growth. The programme involves exploring oneself deeply and embarking on a powerful personal journey to confront your own limitations and beliefs and find your hidden talents and gifts. You will be empowered to build your confidence in applying what you have learned as a practitioner of ancient wisdom and transformation and to walk the world with a new-found sense of purpose and meaning.

By the end of the programme you will have undergone a process of becoming and transition that enables you to step into the role as an independent shamanic practitioner. On this journey you will learn how to:

  • Apply diverse shamanic healing skills and practices;

  • Connect deeply with the natural world and to tap into ancient wisdom;

  • Shift your perspective and consciousness;

  • Tap into your ‘intuitive’ and ‘felt’ sense;

  • Support your continued growth and transformation long after the course is complete;


The course fulfils the requirements to work as a shamanic practitioner and a certificate will be provided after completion. 


The course content and dates are:

  1. Opening: 19-20th October, 2024

  2. Soul retrieval Part 1: 9-10th November, 2024

  3. Soul Retrieval Part 2: 16-17th November, 2024

  4. Extraction Medicine: 14-15th December, 2024

  5. Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals: 11-12th January, 2025

  6. Divination: 18-19th January, 2025

  7. Death, Dying and Beyond Part 1: 1-2nd March, 2025

  8. Death, Dying and Beyond, Part 2: 8-9th March, 2025

  9. Ancestral Realms: 26-27th April, 2025

  10. Shamanic Counselling: 3-4th May, 2025

  11. Stepping into the Role of Shaman: 31st May & 1st June, 2025

  12. Completion: 19-20th July, 2025

During the programme you will also learn about the practice of healing circles, land healing, mask making, vigils, pilgrimage, and distance healing and many diverse practices. For certification you will also submit a portfolio of reflections on homework that you have to complete within 18 months of beginning the course.


Get in touch to discuss how this course can be of benefit to you. 

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