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What are the benefits of shamanic practice?

Shamanic practice is a personal and experiential process of learning and way of life. But if you are not familiar with it, it can be difficult to understand its benefits. Here I briefly explain the numerous benefits shamanic practice has brought to me.

Shamanic practice is a spiritual practice, philosophy, way of life, and method for healing, growth and insight. It is a highly personal process, with each person’s experience being unique. There are also many reasons why you might want to begin your journey on the shamanic practice path, such as to learn how to connect more deeply with nature, for personal healing, or to help others.

For me, the benefit of shamanic practice is rather simple. It continually helps me learn how to walk in the world differently, and with more grace, openness, compassion, courage, direction and conviction.

My own practice is varied, but includes daily engagement with the practice, continually learning how to perceive a wider spiritual and nature-based consciousness, providing healing and training for others, regularly engaging with a community of shamanic practitioners to help me develop and grow, and taking time out to hone my senses and spiritual connection to nature.

This practice has then helped me walk in the world differently by:

  1. Continually reminding me of the beauty and good in the world;

  2. Bringing me joy and helping me overcome fear;

  3. Keeping alive my sense of awe and wonder, reminding me that I am part of something much bigger, where all life is sacred;

  4. Motivating me to engage in deep personal development;

  5. Opening-up my possibilities for developing new forms of perception and ways of knowing;

  6. Helping me develop my capacity and qualities for compassion and non-judgement;

  7. Helping me work with my own personal and complex health problems;

  8. Giving me tools and methods to help other people transcend trauma;

  9. Giving me opportunities to share shamanic practice with others to help empower them and meet their potential;

  10. Helping me develop my capacity for ethical and compassionate leadership in my ‘ordinary’ career and life;

  11. Providing me with courage and impetuous to travel roads less often travelled and work with challenging circumstances that are necessary for me to face for me to grow;

  12. Enabling me to connect and develop meaningful and collaborative relationships with the natural world and beings not normally perceived or experienced;

  13. Connecting me with others who speak ‘my language’ and with whom I can draw on for support and encouragement;

  14. Giving me a wider framework for me to integrate and make sense of new experiences and challenges;

  15. Providing me with insight, conviction, direction and hope in what often seems like a deeply confused and challenged world.

Overall, I feel deeply privileged to have the opportunity to engage with this beautiful and humbling spiritual path.

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