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10 Benefits of the Shamanic Practitioner 18-Month Training Course

10 typical benefits of the programme include: 

1. Deep Spiritual Growth: The course provides a structured path and framework for you to seek profound spiritual growth and personal transformation. This can give you greater sense of peace, joy, confidence, direction and meaning.

2. Develop courage to travel roads not often travelled: The training will leave you with greater confidence and ways to overcome fear and inertia preventing you from moving forwards in your life.

3. Healing: You will learn to use powerful healing techniques rooted in ancient wisdom to work with physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Through this learn, you will also undergo your own deep healing.

4. Connection to Nature: The course emphasises a deep connection to nature, enabling you to re-establish your bond with nature and enhance your ecological awareness, sense of wonder of the natural world as you experience that you are part of something bigger.

5. Expanded Consciousness: Through learning and applying practices such as journeying, healing and ceremony, many undertaking this course express they have begun to shift towards higher states of awareness.

6. Self-Discovery and Growth: Participants often find that, by undergoing their journey of self-discovery, they have uncovered hidden talents, strengths, and insights empowering them to live more authentically and purposefully.

7.  Holistic Approach: The course provides a holistic framework and approach to support wellbeing and interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

8.  Ability to Serve Others: Equipped with newfound skills and insights, graduates of this shamanic practitioner training course feel more empowered and able to serve their communities as healers, guides, and agents of positive change, enriching the lives of others while fulfilling their own spiritual calling.

9. Community Support: Through working with your peers, building relationships and trust, the course leads to the formation of a supportive community of fellow seekers and practitioners from which you can continue to draw healing and insight.

10. Enhanced Professional Qualities: Through helping you overcome barriers inhibiting your potential success, the programme will allow qualities necessary for professional working to come to the surface – whatever your career or vocation – such as qualities for leadership, to support change or collective ways of working.

If you would like to learn more or join me this October, get in touch today at or view the website here:

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